Our Purpose

At Clear Software, our core purpose is to be a trusted partner in the success of our clients. We achieve this purpose by providing innovation, upfront value, and by building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Values

  • Innovation in everything we do.
  • Simple solutions, instead of complex ones.
  • Win-win relationships with clients, partners and each other.
  • The ability to have some fun!

Our Story

Since 2009, we have been helping clients, from startups to Fortune 500 multinationals, across a wide range of industries: financial services, telecommunications, transportation, capital projects, document management, customer self-service, electronic payments, and more.

Recent projects include:

  • Online account management for one of the world’s first electronic toll highways
  • A major mobile carrier in the UK
  • A banking consortium in South Africa
  • A central bank in Northern Europe
  • A multinational payment system across four countries in the Caribbean

If you are interested in exploring a partnership, a custom software development project or building a new solution with our team, please reach out to start the conversation!

Our Team

Stephen Grinyer


As founder, Stephen leads the team in setting vision, direction and strategy. He has nearly three decades of experience in software architecture, design and development in a wide range of application domains, development methodologies and technologies.

He loves learning new technologies and applying them to make a tangible difference in a client’s business.

Rounding out his interests are awesome cars, intense workouts, craft beer, Arnold movies, and enjoying time with family.

Debbie Grinyer


Debbie works closely with clients, partners and the rest of the team to plan and manage project deliverables, resources, schedules, and communications.

She is a certified Project Management Professional for over 14 years, with over 20 years’ experience leading projects and programs in the high tech and financial services industries.

Debbie can’t be fooled by an unoaked Chardonnay when ordering an oaked one, and can be bribed with a French Martini. She can be found at Starbucks daily, but wishes she could be found daily at Disney World! Ask her about her awesome mug collection and why her dog’s tail has so many colours.

Bob Kyryliuk


Bob is energized by meeting new clients and partners, and finding ways to build strong relationships with both. He has decades of experience developing businesses and global partnerships, but also loves to roll up his sleeves and dive into technology – especially if it involves Linux automation or scripting!

It’s impossible to find Bob without a smile, unless you offer him decaf. He doesn’t need much sleep, which is extra handy both for international clients and now as a new Dad again. He has vast recordings of his kids’ hockey and volleyball games, and never misses snapping a picture at any of our extracurricular work activities.

As a natural networker, we say, if you don’t already know Bob, it’s just a matter of time!

Mason Doerr


Mason makes things work. As one of our development Jedi, his touch is on all our technologies and solutions.

A long-time team member, he joined in the early days when being left-handed and driving a stick shift was a requirement.

While he gets along super well with people, if you’re four-legged, you will have a special place in his heart. From ferrets to cats and a rescue Greyhound, Mason loves animals. You’re also likely to spot him on the tennis court as player and club past-president – ask him why his license plate reads “SIDESPIN”.

Mike Thomson


Mike is passionate for working closely with clients, and they love how thoroughly he covers all the bases to make sure their technology needs are met. With experience in a ton of different domains, he is always looking at a problem from all angles.

In the winter, you may find Mike in an arena, playing and coaching hockey. In the summer, you’ll find him in a ball diamond, doing the same for baseball.

He’s an active Dad, but also knows his way around a growler and fun drinking activities – ask him about his custom made “washer toss”!

Tom Mason


Tom loves creating great looking user interfaces. His focus started in graphic design but his passion led him to full-stack development. Tom develops rich applications for clients and stays up on the best way to leverage test automation tools in the development process.

Tom enjoys camping, canoeing, cycling, and tennis – and he makes it real tough on opponents during the winter as a hockey goaltender.

To show off his broad interests, he can help you add a new support beam in your house and hang the drywall too!

Stephen Campbell


Stephen loves to jump in and build solutions. His fearless approach to new technologies and tools makes him the teams’ Swiss army knife of developers! Besides his willingness to tackle any problem, clients enjoy working with him as he’s always quick with a joke and a smile.

Outside of work he does Dad stuff, plays baseball, soccer, and enjoys playing games of all types whether video, board, or pen and paper! He has a wealth of movie knowledge and is the teams’ go-to person when looking for a review or recommendation.

He loves food, but we’re almost certain it’s just a coincidence that he married a chef!

Quin Vanatter


As the newest member of the team, Quin has wasted no time digging into technologies and products to become an indispensable part of the organization. His prowess ranges from databases and server technologies to web and mobile user interfaces.

Quin enjoys playing guitar, golfing, fishing, and riding his motorcycle, but has gained an appreciation for four wheels during the winter and not-so-nice weather. If you need your Rubik’s cube solved in the next minute or two, he’s your man.

Interestingly, his parents named him after the snarly salty-dog character Quint in Jaws, but he is more likely to disarm you with his contagious smile!

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