Develop a Custom Backend Solution

Looking for a backend solution that goes beyond what’s available off-the-shelf? Clear Software has the ability to develop custom solutions for a range of applications, including large databases, payment systems, and more.

Our team uses microservices-based architecture, RESTful API, and other cutting edge technologies to deliver superior results for our clients. This approach creates a finished product that is built to last.


Pluggable components that facilitate evolution and fit your changing needs.


Robust infrastructure designed for long-term business growth.


Resilience to external threats and internal errors.


Consistent performance as traffic, volume, and usage ramps up.

Our Tech Toolkit

Our team works with a variety of programming languages on a regular basis. We have the ability to adapt to the requirements of your project — but these are a few of the tools that we love using!

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What is the backend?

Even if you’re not a developer or a programmer, you have probably heard the term ‘backend’ before. You may have a general understanding of what it means — but if you’re still confused, here’s a quick explanation:

The backend refers to the part of a website, web application, or mobile application that exists to store information behind the scenes. The backend typically consists of a server, a database, and an application. When a user enters information into the frontend (user-facing) portion of a website or application, this data is then transferred to the backend.

For example, if you enter your billing information into a company’s payment portal, this data goes from their (frontend) web app to their (backend) database, where it is stored on their company’s server.

Develop Your Backend Solution

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