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Cloud-based computing and hosting capabilities can provide your business with major advantages, but the path to the cloud can be challenging to navigate. There are many different vendors and a huge array of services to choose from.

Our team will guide you to a solution that meets the specific needs of your business. We will be your partners throughout the process: selecting the right provider, weighing the pros and cons of different service packages, developing a cloud migration strategy, and helping you set up management services with your provider.

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Top Providers of Cloud Services

Our team has experience with a number of industry-leading cloud platforms. Let us know if you have a specific hosting service in mind or if you’re looking for a recommendation!

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Why Choose the Cloud?

In today’s marketplace, it is impossible to match the quality of infrastructure offered by major cloud providers like Amazon or Google. Over the past decades, these providers have invested huge resources to deliver applications over the web, including storage, computation, and much more. Browse below to understand the value that the cloud provides.

Bundled Maintenance

Most major cloud providers will bundle management services into your package. Get regular backups, automated updates, and more, to free up your team’s time.

High Network Performance

Better infrastructure means better performance. Cloud computing will routinely outperform local networks in terms of bandwidth, throughput, latency, and other key metrics.

Cost Effective & Scalable

The cloud provides flexible options for storage and computing with low upfront costs. Scale your cloud assets instantly as your business grows and pay based on your usage.

System Security

Cloud providers maintain redundant backups across multiple physical locations and data centres, providing reliable options for data recovery after a cyber attack or system failure.

Move Your Business to the Cloud

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