The Challenge of System Integration

At a certain stage in its growth, your businesses is likely to face challenges with the integration of legacy software. These systems may have been built to automate processes in a specific department, such as accounting, human resources, or sales, but they are unable to communicate with one another.

When looking to scale, businesses need the ability to transfer information smoothly between these islands of automation, which include enterprise applications like:

  • ERP systems
  • CRM applications
  • SCM applications
  • Payroll or HR systems
  • And other tools

Systems integration is important to break down the communication roadblocks between these information silos. Our team has the ability to expose programming interfaces and build bridges between different systems, pulling data into web applications, integrating with third-party software, or triggering protocols across systems.

Our Tech Toolkit

Our software engineers work with a variety of programming languages on a regular basis. We have the ability to adapt to the requirements of your project — but these are a few of the tools that we love using!




Networked Services

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